The Taste of Success with Options Trading


Have you wondered what is the investment capital required to make significant income from Option Trading?

Here's what you'll learn during this FREE seminar:

* Why an Online Option Trading business is the easiest business to start and why NOW is the best time!

* A proven 6-step formula that has generated us well over ONE MILLION dollars in online trading in less than 3 years.

* How you can get started with creating a 5-6 figure online income trading anywhere and anytime you want!


  • Learn the CONSISTENCY and PROFITABILITY of the iPRO Mastery System to grow your wealth
  • Create Your Own US$1,000,000 from Paper Assets
  • How to start PROFITING from the market with MINIMAL startup requirements, even if you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER
  • How to BUY when the price is at the LOWEST and to SELL when the price is at the HIGHEST
  • How to WIN BIG when you are RIGHT, and to lose LITTLE or NOTHING at all when you are WRONG
  • How to SAFELY obtain PASSIVE INCOME from the stock market, and achieve CONSISTENT returns of 8-25% MONTHLY
  • How to MAKE MONEY regardless of market moving UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS
  • How to ONLY invest 5 minutes each month, to SCREEN through CANDIDATES from over thousands of US Stocks
  • Learn the MOST COMPLETE trading system, Money Management, Trading Psychology and all you need to know to be a PROFITABLE TRADER
  • And Much MORE !!

Don't just attend this super-charged workshop by yourself!

Bring friends along!

About the Speaker

Stephen Ryan

Stephen Ryan -- Training Director

The valued experience in real estate, private investment, business consulting and management, managing director of specialized human resource technically skilled businesses for Asia Pacific, marine, offshore and onshore and trading has enabled Stephen Ryan to be successful in mastering and trading the US equity securities and options.

From these experiences, Stephen implemented a specially designed coaching system, made easy to enhance individuals' trading skills and educate the mind-set of those who seek financial freedom, to live a passionate and comfortable life.

Stephen has taken the best-proven strategies for generating passive income and creating cash flow in the areas of technical analysis, psychology in trading, business management, risk management, a system for trading and understanding the stocks, options and futures market.

Sat Jun 11, 2016
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building D #05-01, Singapore 409961
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16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building D #05-01, Singapore 409961 Singapore
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